SUPER FM the No. 1 radio station in Cyprus since 1998 still going strong!

The station has been operating since 1998 and thanks to the love and choice of its listeners it is constantly at the top of music stations in Cyprus. Radio ratings show that SUPER FM remains the top station. The most recent ratings have shown that SUPER FM is the most widely-listened-to radio station on a daily basis with 84,000 listeners across the island. The station is also by far the first station in the 18-44 category, the most dynamic age group.

 SUPER FM is a diverse station offering a wide variety music, from mainstream to popular older songs, Greek and foreign hits.  The station’s strategy is to offer a carefully selected musical variety and to express different moods depending on time and day. 

SUPER FM is the first choice amongst music producers and artists who are seeking to promote new songs. The station has a close relationship with the biggest names in the music industry since it organizes and promotes major music concerts and events.

SUPER FM is not only the leading music station but it also has a social side as it actively takes part, organises and supports community and charity initiatives.

Due to the station’s leading role in the music industry of Cyprus, SUPER FM can organise and host the Super Music Awards every year, which has established the Music Awards term in Cyprus!

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