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The largest Mass Media Group in Cyprus

Reaching more than 400.000 people a day


DIAS Group is a complete media group with a large cumulative volume of publications, radio, internet, and television media, which are the core of the triptych of information, entertainment, and education.

It is the unique comprehensive one stop media shop in Cyprus, offering advertisers multiple opportunities to achieve the best result...




SIGMA TV is one of the top television channels in Cyprus with local productions, Greek transmissions and international productions that stand out. That is why it has been established with the audience of Cyprus as a “beautiful window” looking into updating and entertainment.

Dias Productions

We help you to bring your stories to life on screen, by supporting and encouraging creativity & innovation.
Through our Sigma Television division, we are the top producer in Cyprus and we offer complete production solutions to the film & television industry.


Dias Group is the largest and constantly developing group online too. With the production of original and premium content that reaches more than 998.000 unique users every month and with more than 14.000.000 page views, it manages to consistently be at the top of the internet in Cyprus.


The leading group in Radio too, Dias Group, with Radio Proto is able to reach out to all radio listeners and stay at the top of ratings of Cyprus radio for more than 25 years.


With three international titles and cooperation with large Greek and international publishing houses, magazines entertain, inform and train whilst standing out for their actions through events.

Department of innovation and development

The Department of Innovation and Development in the centre of the largest Media Company in Cyprus works on innovation, integrity and trust.

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