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Cyprus Eating Awards


The largest gastronomical institution in Cyprus, the Eating Awards, have been organised every year for the past 14 years awarding the island’s top dining choices.

This institution was created with the aim of upgrading the quality of domestic gastronomy in addition to rewarding considerable efforts. The knowledge, as well as the 14-year experience make the Eating Awards the only institution in Cyprus that can pride in knowing the islands’ dining scene. Following international standards, the event has responsibility and conscience towards the audience, restaurant owners and chefs, who strive to be distinguished in the highly competitive dining industry. Based on professionalism, consistency and the superior quality of materials, services and prices, we present and award the restaurants, which hold the bar high in respect to dining quality.

There are 10 categories: New arrival, Fish, International Cuisine, Hotel Restaurant (i.e operated within a hotel unit and excluded from other categories), Bar/ Restaurant, Tavern, Souvlaki, Nice Price (restaurants that serve quality food in affordable prices), Mediterranean Cuisine as well as Best Beer Place. The “Readers’ Choice” award is exempt from the other categories. Additionally, the honorary awards for Chef of the Year, Cyprus Product of the Year and Restaurant with the Best Cellar are awarded.

 Each restaurant, in each category must insure high quality and continually improve their services successfully in order to be nominated. With the criteria of: food quality, dish presentation, hygiene, atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant, dish flow, good service, wine list and price-dish relation, the final selection of restaurants is made for each category. The nominated restaurants are selected by a special committee formed of multiple members and consists of gastronomy experts specializing in the field of dining.

The process begins in May and in the July issue the nominated restaurants in each category are announced and voted by readers in three ways: electronically through, by phone and through a special ballot which can be found inside the magazine. Readers who vote have the opportunity to win big prizes.  The voting process ends beginning of October and in November the brilliant award ceremony takes place.



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