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Sigma TV is the first privately owned national television station. It was established in 1995 by Cypriot lawyer, journalist, author, and publisher Costa N. Hadjicostis. The station’s first transmission was on April 3, 1995. The station broadcasts Cypriot, Greek and foreign series, news, informative, and sports programmes, as well as, entertainment programmes.

As of January 2016, Sigma TV signed a strategic partnership with SKAI Greece, enriching the station’s daily entertainment and informative programming even more, for the season 2017/18 and 2018/2019, with programmes such as SURVIVOR GREECE, THE VOICE OF GREECE, and more.

Τhe partnership of Sigma with SKAI Greece will continue for the new season 2019/2020 with entertainment programmes such as THE VOICE OF GREECE and STIN YGEIA MAS RE PAIDIA, Greek series, game shows, infotainment programmes, and more.

During the season 2019/2020, you will continue to enjoy GALATIA (in its 4th season), PARADOSIAKI VRADIA, as well as, news broadcast programmes PROTOSELIDO, MESIMERI KAI KATI and XWRIS PERISTROFES. Sigma TV’s main news broadcast will also continue to provide valid and timely updates on all important political, social, local, and international news. This year we are also pleased to present the new comedy series “ALLA LOGIA THKIE PAPA”.

Sigma TV’s mission and goal is to meet its viewer’s needs. With plans to further expand with new technologies and strategic partnerships in Greece and Europe, Sigma TV is the most dynamic and advanced local television channel today.


TV Programme Season 2019/20



Πρωτοσέλιδο (Protoselido – Morning News Broadcast)

Every day from 6:45 am to 9:15 am, Andreas Demetropoulos and his colleagues, present all the front-page news of the day.

Μεσημέρι και Κάτι (Noon News Broadcast)

Marina Hadjikosta and Sigma’s and Sigmalive portal’s team of journalists analyse, research, and presents the local and international news, starting at 11:45am.

Τομές στα Γεγονότα (Main News Broadcast)

Sigma TV’s main news broadcast starts every night at 8:15pm with analytical approaches, on-air interviews, and commentary from reputable journalists, enriched with dynamism, validity, assertiveness and pervasiveness. Chrysanthos Tsouroullis, Petra Argyrou, Christos Charalambous, Marina Hadjikosta and Nestoras Vasiliou.




During the first three seasons, the audience followed the story of a girl, whilst presenting the history of Cyprus, who fell in love, got her heart broken and faced the hardship of war and the unbalanced battle between righteousness and unfairness in 1940 and 1964. The 4th season takes us back to 1930s where the story began, when Galatia was 10 years old.

Alla logia thkie papa

A comedy series that travels us to the past, although, things haven't changed a lot since then. The comedy presents Cyprus of the past with today’s behaviours.

Beyond Sigma TV's production series, three Greek series from SKAI Greece will enrich the daily programme of the station: Logo Timis, Room Service Please, and Polikatoikia.



Paradosiaki Vradia with Andri Karantoni along with her exceptional team and guests, sings, presents, and makes us love tradition even more through traditional songs “tsiattista”, dancing and singing.

Stin Ygeia mas re paidia: The beloved musical show presented by Spyros Papadopoulos now on Sigma TV. A show that outlines famous and beloved Greek musicians, in the most unique and special way.

The Voice of Greece: Last year the chairs turned and viewers were glued to their screens! This year the Voice of Greece returns promising to be even more entertaining and fantastic than ever before.

Two new game shows of SKAI Greece: Βoom” και “Guess my Age” as well as the new entertainment/infotainment programmes with Nikos Moutsinas and George Liagkas will keep us daily company, while the programmes “Radio Arvila” and “Vinilio” will be on once a week.​

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