This department of Dias Group designs and implements EU funded projects (Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, FP6, FP7, Life+, Leonardo DaVinci) and national or international grant programmes (USAID/UNDP, European Parliament etc.).  Dias Group has created an extensive network of associates involving EU Member States and neighbouring countries (Middle East, North Africa).

Mission: claiming available funds from the EU and other international organisations and getting support in fulfilling their communication goals while enhancing the social and corporate responsibility of the group.

The programmes mainly concern:

  • Information campaigns
  • Promotion of cultural heritage
  • Entrepreneurship, competitiveness- technology development and Information and Communication Technology
  • Multi-sectoral programmes of regional, local and cross-border cooperation
  • Reconciliation and peacebuilding programmes


European Projects Portfolio


NewsArcade- Seriously Play the News (no: 101060250)

Target: Bringing together journalism and news consumption closely by means of gamification as an educational approach to improve young adults’ news literacy, and critical thinking skills and thus, tackle disinformation and the challenges faced by media companies.


  • User Requirements and Game Design
  • Development of the NewsArcade Authoring format and tool MVP
  • Experiments with publishers, cross-sector scale-up investigations in the educational and museum sector and pilotings to improve the format and tool
  • Release of the final NewsArcade Authoring tool
  • Drafting a White Paper
  • Online course for journalists
  • Business plan to attract early adopters
  • Awareness campaigns and participation in events
  • Dissemination and Communication
  • Sustainability and Impact Assessment

Duration: September 2022- August 2024​

Funding: Creative Europe Programme - Innovation Lab



Advanced search services and the best technological solutions for the European Digital Library

Target: Improving the usability of the European Digital Library Europeana 

 Main activities:

  • Designing, implementing and developing large-scale functional services with an emphasis on searching, browsing and interfacing
  • Recommendations, guidelines and the best practices concerning the adaptation of technology and the implementation of service to increase interoperability

Duration: 2006-2009

Budget: €4.250.001





Bio For Life

Informing the general public, educators and relevant sectors on biodiversity and its importance.


  • Inform about biodiversity and its importance
  • Inform about Cypriot indigenous animal species (snakes, bats).
  • Inform and explain how biodiversity is connected to economic prosperity
  • Inform about the pan-European effort to conserve biodiversity through Natura 2000 Network and the benefits of emerging economic tourism and ecological opportunities
  • Inform and explain cross-cutting issues: impact of agriculture, invasive foreign species and illegal slaughter of biodiversity birds  
  • Explain why biodiversity and the ecosystem services are important for a sustainable economic model


Analyse cross-sector issues (agriculture impact, invasive foreign species and illegal slaughter of biodiversity birds).

Analyse the pan-European conservation effort of biodiversity through the Natura 2000 Network.

Organise a public awareness campaign by Dias Group and its social networking pages, with particular emphasis on television and online tools due to their influence.

Organise a targeted campaign through organising educational conferences/seminars addressed to specific areas of moderators whose decisions could play an important role for the future of biodiversity protection: civil servants (City Planning and City Planning Directorate), judicial body/ law enforcement authority and lawyers, tourism industry, local authorities, teachers and hunters.

Create an information package from Terra Cypria and EnviroPack for teacher to use  in classroom, consisting of interesting material, questions and tasks that will respond to the age of the students.

Design and develop cartoon for children aged 6-13 which will be screened on TV and online.

Design and develop short television programmes (6 per year, a total of 18 programmes over 3 years) to promote biodiversity and its importance for people’s wellbeing and lives.

Preparation and presentation by Terra Cypria of a design framework for Biodiversity (BIOframe) which will be used as visual aid from local designers/ directors and will be presented at training seminars for bureaucrats and local authorities.

Design and develop an information brochure for the programme which will be distributed to hotels and conference and seminar participants.

Duration: 2012 - 2015

Budget: €1.394.614






EP4U is a European project co-funded by the European Parliament. The EP4U program projects the European Parliament through television, the Internet and radio.

Objective: Raise youth awareness on the activities of the European Parliament and promote citizens to actively participate.


  • Promote and understand the identity and role of the European Parliament
  • Communicate the involvement of the European Parliament on key issues related to citizens
  • Diffuse information about the European Parliament
  • Create the routes through which 6 thematic sections of the project will be displayed

Duration: 2016-2017

Budget: €100.000






Grid Technology for accessing rich multimedia content


  • Create a trustworthy platform for the development of a Grid application that will receive high level support for the design, implementation and operational development of secure Grid technology applications 
  • Maintain a new intermediate Grid Software technology which is required to serve business applications that have access to rich distributed multimedia content.
  • Support mobile services created to allow mobile devices to participate in the virtual grid creation organisation in a single way
  • Ensure data and transaction protection at all levels through a special security network
  • Validate the Grid platform with the production of two pilot grid applications to address day-to-day problems in the media and banking sectors


  • Innovative research and mechanism retrieval for quick access to annotated arithmetic and multimedia content which will be distributed over the network
  • Maintain a new intermediate Grid technology software required for serving business applications that have access to rich distributed multimedia content
  • Ensure data and transaction protection on all levels through a special security network

Duration: 2006-2009

Budget: €12.000.000




Media Tech

The future of media through the use of innovative technologies

Target: Transfer and further develop from the United Kingdom an innovative methodology consisting of an integrated training package for media companies in Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece). The training will deal with the latest developments in their fields which are not available yet in the host countries (production, journalism, online platforms, presentation and processing of TV programmes, exhibitions etc.), contributing to the development of systematic innovative learning activities for strengthening the European audio-visual industry.


Develop a complete training guide (including theoretical applications, practical guidelines and case studies) for the development of new media and implementation of new technological developments in traditional media.

Develop an innovative training material and translate it into the national languages of the participating organisations for the enhancement of implementation courses.

Duration: 2012 – 2014

Budget: € 300.000





Semantic Multimedia Connection for strengthening new services


Create a web portal as a single access point to news, using semantic technologies in an arrangement that brings the world of information closer to knowledge activation services.


  • Deliver content to users based on the (semi-) automatic extraction of semantic data referring to other date and the calculated user preferences found through reasoning between the client and the server.
  • Create customised media summaries that allow easy assimilation of a vast amount of information and offer initial input connections to access in-depth information.
  • Merge content from multiple sources into a consistent and unnecessary representation (while maintaining a connection with their sources) for access improvement.
  • Provide a dense network of content that allows the diffusion to all relevant multimedia information with navigation guides

Duration: 2006 –2009

Budget: €12.600.000






A European alliance between University and Businesses for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of young scientists

Target:  Promote an entrepreneurial spirit among students/ graduates (academic discipline of science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


  • In-depth analysis of needs, identification of barriers students or doctoral graduates face when processing their research findings into business ideas.
  • Participation of STEM students in internships with multidisciplinary team and under the guidance of academic teaching staff, directors, investors and entrepreneurs. They will therefore have the opportunity to understand the needs of business and how their research can be applied in a real business context.
  • Develop and test a full pre-accelerator programme offered at universities, in research and business centres and incubators.
  • Develop teaching methods and techniques for the education of STEM students on entrepreneurship

Duration: 2015 – 2017

Budget: €991.778





Young Leaders

Youth leadership training programme

Target: Develop an innovative training package on leadership skills for Young Business Leaders.


  • Train Young Business Leaders (university graduates who wish to join the workforce, young professionals who want to become senior managers or start their own company) to develop their leadership skills
  • Transfer partnership to Greece and further development of an innovative training package and methodology for the development of new leaders in the four EU countries (Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria)
  • Develop a significant employability skill such as leadership. New work positions will be created according to the needs of the labour market, thus helping reduce unemployment in Europe
  • Achieve transparency and recognition of professional skills and certificates for new managers and development of new skills and knowledge of Speech Education and Training instructors
  • Increase company completion in Europe by providing training to new managers, helping to increase employee productivity and the level of satisfaction in all industries

Duration: 2012-2014

Budget: €300.000




Μια Βαλίτσα Γεύσεις

A television production and broadcasting of a cooking show which has as its primary objective the acquaintance of the culture of three countries through gastronomy


  • Create a TV show through which an intercultural interactivity and the value of healthy eating will be enhanced. At the same time, the reduction of possible misconceptions in relation to different cultures will be promoted
  • Awareness and acquaintance with the traditions and values of various cultures and  civilisations
  • An alternative approach to healthy eating
  • Develop collegiality and cooperation between the native population and third-country nationals
  • Acquisition of knowledge which will contribute to the promotion of healthy eating habits
  • Understand the connection of unhealthy eating habits with various diseases


  • Historical overview of every local cuisine, food customs and traditions
  • General information on Third World Countries reagrding geography, typical local products, culture, economy, natural environment and raw materials

Durations: 2017 – 2018

Annual Budget: €439.977.44



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